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Hi-Tech Pools & Spas stock the best quality supplies for all residential and commercial swimming pools.

We only carry reliable brands that we’d use ourselves. Whether you’re looking for replacement filter cartridges to chlorine or salt, you’ll find them in-store.  And if we don’t have it, we’re happy to source it for you.

” We Truly Are Your Local One-Stop Destination For All Your Swimming Pool or Spa Pool Needs.”

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Our Pool Accessories

Heat Pumps

Heats water so you can get more use out of your pool or spa, even during winter.

Speak to our team about gas, electric and solar solutions that have their own distinct advantages but will all help keep your pool warm and swimmable all year round.

Ioniser Units

The best way to reduce the amount of chemicals required to keep swimming pool or spa water healthy.

Suction Pool Cleaners

Vacuums the floor of your pool and sucks up debris and insects—powered by the suction of the filtration system.

Robotic Pool Cleaners

Automatic pool cleaning with the touch of a button. You don’t even need to be poolside.

These automated cleaning solutions are environmentally friendly, energy-efficient, use less water than other cleaning models and will help keep your pool chemicals in balance.


Channels airs through jets in a hot tubs and spas.

We have options available to create a gentle current through to relaxing bubble environments so you can get the full relaxing effect from your spa or hot tub.

Salt Water Chlorinators

Automatically generates chlorine from salt cells.

These devices make it simple to adjust and maintain your chlorine levels while also making the water in your pool softer and more enjoyable.

Sand Filters

Versatile and can be used in almost any application whether it’s a hot tub, above ground pool or a large community pool.

Cartridge Filters

Cost-effective alternative for those who want clean pool water without the expense.

Because cartridge filters use backwashing you will save thousands of litres of water each year and because they are low maintenance there will be fewer plumbing requirements.

Pool & Spa Lights

Pool lighting extends your visibility and promotes safety after dark.

Our range of underwater lights will also turn your pool or spa into a feature in your yard after dark.


We stock a range of pool transformers to suit new and existing pool lights.

Whether you are installing new lights or want to upgrade your present lighting system, we have the highest quality transformers to match.

Pool & Spa Covers

Prevent evaporation, deter debris and reduce chemical consumption with a pool or spa cover.

These are also a great idea for the winter months when you are not using your pool to help prevent a slimy, green pool when you are ready to use it again.

Pool & Spa Chemicals

Everything you need for sparkling, clear and healthy water.

We stock everything you need for chlorine and saltwater pools as well as testing apparatus so you can ensure your chemicals are at the right level year round.

Aquamate Portable Automatic Water Leveller

A unique portable water levelling system guards against your pool water dropping below your skimmer level.

Running your pump dry and preventing damage to pool equipment.

Chemical Dosing Systems

Take the guess work out of adding chlorine into your pool.

This automatic system uses sensors to monitor the chlorine and pH balance in your pool, alerting you when it comes out of balance.

Gas Heaters

A cost-effective option to heating your pool or spa.

These solutions will heat up your pool faster than any other device and also run for shorter periods of time, reducing energy use and wear and tear.

Pool & Spa Controllers

Swimming pool and spa pool features can be operated with the push of a button.

There are even options to operate the features in your pool or spa remotely from your mobile device, so you can return home to a warm, bubbling spa after a hard day’s work.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Even if the pool water looks fine, you should never dive in without knowing what the quality of the water is like.

It is recommended to take a sample of the water and bring it to our professionals for testing. We can advise you on the chemicals that will be required and can assist with any additional products like heating or lighting that you may require.

This means there is an air leak entering your pool. Usually, this air comes from a product that has been installed afterwards, like a heat pump.

It could be a sign of damage to the lining of the pool, though. It is always recommended to have this checked by professionals.

There are many types of small insects that can live on the surface of your pool, so the chlorine is not going to kill them. They will only enter the water for brief periods, so that is when they need to be struck.

You will need to “shock” your pool, which means putting in excess chlorine that will kill off these bugs as they enter the water. You will be unable to use your pool for a couple of days, but you will have no more bug problems afterwards. Speak to our team for more help on how to shock your pool water.