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We’d all love to have a little slice of heaven in our homes. Just something to come back to after a long, grueling day of work that allows us to recharge our batteries.

A pool is a perfect feature to achieve that. If you want to elevate your pool into an indulgent self-care paradise, consider investing in these accessories.

Heat Pumps

There’s no illusion that Aussie winters can get extremely cold. When that’s the case, don’t be put off taking a dip in your pool. Heat pumps ensure the consistent and even distribution of heat in your pool, allowing you to bask in it for as long as you want to.

Pool & Spa Controllers

Exactly what they sound like on the tin, these controllers enable you to monitor your pool’s settings easily.


Want to make your pool feel like a hot tub? Invest in a blower! Blowers channel air through powerful jets to replicate the bubbling sensation found in spas.

Cartridge Filters

An affordable choice of pool cleaner, cartridge filters are a reliable go-to option.

Chemical Dosing Systems

There’s no point relaxing if you’re going to get stressed out trying to figure out how much chlorine is required in your pool. A dosing system tells you exactly how much you’ll need.


If you’re someone that wants to be immersed in the ambience of your pool, consider installing some lights. As well as setting the mood, pool lights are an integral safety feature that improves visibility for you and your family to avoid slips

Aquamate Portable Automatic Water Leveller

This is a portable water levelling system that prevents your pool water from dropping below the recommended levels.

Pool & Spa Chemicals

Who wants to kick back in a pool that’s dirty and unhygienic? Nobody! Make sure you’re stocked up on pool and spa chemicals that will keep your pool water sparkling and clean.

Gas Heaters

Want to keep your pool warm on a more affordable budget? Gas heaters are a cost-effective heating solution.


No, not the robots in disguise; pool transformers can be used on both new and existing pool lights.

Ioniser Units

Ioniser units are an alternative form of pool cleaner that works by reducing the number of chemicals present in the water. Make sure you’re paddling in healthy water with one of these must-have accessories!

Saltwater Chlorinators

These nifty pieces of equipment generate chlorine from salt cells, helping to keep your water clean while reducing its salt content.

Suction Pool Cleaners

There’s nothing worse than treading water and feeling something unknown touch your feet! Suction pool cleaners suck up insects and debris on your pool’s floor to ensure it’s free from potential blockages.

Robotic Pool Cleaners

If you’d prefer a pool cleaner with a futuristic twist, a robotic pool cleaner is a must. You don’t even have to be near your pool when you use it!

Sand filters

As the name suggests, sand filters are used in hot tubs and pools to keep filtration systems free from sand.

Pool & spa covers

After a relaxing evening of swimming, make sure your pool doesn’t lose cleaning chemicals, gain debris, or begin to evaporate by investing in a pool cover.

At Hi-Tech Pools & Spas, we stock a wide range of pool accessories for residential and commercial pools, supplied by brands we would trust for our own pools. Have a question about our products?

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