Cover Rollers & Pool Lighting in Darwin

For The Perfect Nighttime Swim

Stepping up your pool game? Why not let our top-quality pool lighting solutions transform your pool into a nighttime oasis? At Hi-Tech Pools & Spas, we’re here to enhance and protect your pool experience.

Our knowledgeable staff are available to guide you through our wide selection of lighting solutions, from subtle underwater lights to striking feature lights, making sure you find the perfect match for your pool. If you’re ready to explore new ways to illuminate your pool, our dedicated team is ready to assist.

Call us on (08) 8932 1651 or come into our Darwin store today and let us light up your world.

Stairs At Nighttime Pool — Hi-Tech Pools & Spas In Yarawonga, NT
Resort Swimming Pool At Twilight — Hi-Tech Pools & Spas In Yarawonga, NT

Safeguarding Your Pool

We pride ourselves on our diverse and exceptional range of pool products here at Hi-Tech Pools & Spas. Among our top-tier offerings are our quality pool rollers from trusted brands like Astral Pool and Zodiac. These handy devices, boasting a long cylindrical tube and a set of wheels, enable easy storage and mobility for your pool cover.

We understand that occasionally, parts may need repair or replacement, which is why we also provide spare parts and repair services for your pool roller. You’re welcome to browse our extensive product range in-store at our showroom in Darwin, where our expert staff can assist you in making the perfect choice.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Floating solar lights not only look cool, but they are a cost-effective way to light the water for visibility and safety. The addition of solar garden lights around the pool provides extra illumination.

If you like swimming in the evening, pool lights provide visibility in the water for safety and illuminate any unwanted visitors—snakes and cane toads.

No. A pool cover isn’t a necessity, but it can help reduce the amount of chlorine evaporated by the sunlight, keep the water warmer and protect your pool from cane toads before you plunge into the water.