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For Sparkling, Healthy Pool Water

Looking after a swimming pool can be exceptionally time-consuming, not to mention frustrating trying to get the balance of the water right. Our local pool techs are experts in all pool services in Palmerston, Yarrrawonga, and Darwin and will make sure your pool is sparkling and your equipment is in top-quality working order. Ensuring your pool or spa looks pristine and the water is crystal clear and healthy, ready for you to relax and enjoy.

Our techs are trained and only use the best equipment to ensure your pool and spa cleaning and repairs take place as quickly as possible so you can get back to your downtime.
Providing over-the-counter service and advice, our experienced team can assist you in-store with any questions and steer you in the right direction for your pool and spa maintenance and service.

Polite, friendly and always ready to help. We can make life easier with our budget-friendly and competitively-priced services. If you’re over your head and can’t seem to get on top of swimming pool care, hiring your very own pool guy to take care of your pool services is more affordable than you would think. It’s an easy choice!

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Free Water Testing

Correct water balance prevents algae and provides a safe environment for your family to enjoy. Testing your pool water and adding the correct chemicals can almost be like a science.

To keep your pool crystal clear, you should test the water regularly. Taking the time to test your pool can save you a lot of money in the long run by catching pool chemical imbalances early on and allowing you to correct them before they become a real problem. By testing pool chemicals, you can determine what your pool needs and avoid over-treating it.

In addition, by maintaining the right level of pool chemicals and keeping them balanced, you can keep your pool equipment in great shape and prevent problems like cloudy water, bacteria growth, and surface damage.

Bring in a water sample from your swimming pool or spa and let us analyse it, or organise a visit from our pool guy. We’ll help determine exactly what you need for clean and clear water.

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Advice Over The Phone

Have a question?

Our friendly team is happy to provide you with advice over the phone; whether you need pricing on spa chemicals or advice on cloudy pool water, we’re ready to help.

Managing a swimming pool is a daunting task for any owner. Our professionals can help you devise a simple-to-follow pool maintenance plan to know exactly what you need to do to keep your pool in excellent condition.

Pool Introductions

Are you a new pool owner? Talk to us first.

We’ll walk you through everything you need to know about being a new pool owner, from meeting local council bylaws to the type of pool maintenance you’ll need to carry out on a regular basis, depending on your pool type. Keeping a pool clean requires routine, regular maintenance, and our pool services can look after that.

So, even if you hire a professional pool care company like us to take care of your pool, you will still need to do a few things each week to keep it in good shape. Easy-to-follow instructions will be provided on how to empty the skimmer basket, scoop leaves from the water, scrub algae off the sides and vacuum dirt and debris from the pool. Plus, take care of the filter and sanitation methods, as well as pool chemistry.

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Leak Detection

We find those leaks and repair them, most of the time, without needing to drain your pool or spa. Once we determine where the leak is, we’ll provide you with a competitive quote, and if you’re happy to proceed, we can usually make the repair during our initial visit.

When the water level drops below the intake line, that can damage the entire pump system because it will take in air, not water. If the low level of water persists, the system may overheat and shut down.

Allowing your pool to leak into the foundation can also cause a dangerous and deadly sinkhole that will cause severe structural damage to your pool, yard and even home. Major repairs may take a day or longer.

Contact us today if you suspect your pool is losing water.

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Pool Maintenance

You’ll be amazed at the magic we can work with your pool and spa. We have solutions for every pool scenario. We offer weekly, fortnightly or monthly visits and will make sure your pool or spa is ready for use when you want it. Equipment repairs, water testing and balancing—we do it all, even if you’re on holiday.

Maintaining the pool well and cleaning it properly will extend its life, prevent bacteria growth and delay the need for repairs. In addition, regularly cleaning and brushing your pool will keep it looking great and relaxing.

Our comprehensive pool service in Darwin includes:

  • Vacuuming all of the pool’s surfaces.
  • Skimming debris from the water’s surface.
  • Scrubbing the walls and steps.
  • Emptying the skimmer baskets.
  • Checking the pH of the water and cleaning the filters.
  • Regular servicing and replacement of parts

Sales & Installation

If you’re looking for water heaters, ioniser units, lighting, chlorinators, filter cartridges, and much more, we have everything you need.

Our fully qualified staff understand that buying a pool or spa is a big decision, so we strive to make the process as simple as possible by offering you a wide selection of options to suit your individual requirements.

We offer a range of swimming pools in Darwin, including fibreglass pools, refurbished fibreglass pools, swimming pools built on new construction sites, vinyl pool linings and spas. It is essential to learn about all your options as they each offer many benefits. We can also assist with the sales and installation of all of your pool machinery, accessories and extras. We can even install water heaters and so much more for you.

Visit our store in Yarrawonga, NT, to explore our diverse range.

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Our Products

Frequently Asked Questions

With advancements in technology, looking after a swimming pool doesn’t have to be time-consuming. You can either invest in an ioniser which is a way to reduce the amount of chemicals used to keep your pool water healthy. Robotic cleaners remove unwanted debris, or you can just hire a pool care company like us.

If you’ve never looked after a pool before, the task can be rather daunting, particularly if you are renting and it’s part of your lease agreement to keep the water sparkling. Our friendly pool guy is able to visit you and walk you through everything you need and the requirements to keep the pool in premium condition. Alternatively, you can leave it all to us.

You can operate your pool features (e.g., robotic cleaner, water heater and blower control) from a wall panel or remote control. You may also be able to access these features via smartphone or mobile computer device.

The general rule is that if you are adding more than 5cm of water to your pool every week, chances are you may have a leak that’s worth getting a professional to investigate.

Depending on the size of your pool and how green it is, it can take approximately two days or longer if it’s particularly bad.

Most leaks, pool repairs, and even green pools can be repaired without draining the water. However, there may be cases where this is unavoidable. Before we can make a judgement call, we really need the opportunity to evaluate what your pool needs by conducting an onsite visit.

Only if it’s the first time we have visited your premises. Our team can be trusted to do the job at hand without disturbing any other areas of your property. We also offer holiday maintenance, so you can go away and you’ll come home to your pool swim-ready; contact us to find out more.