Sparkling, healthy pool water doesn't happen by itself

Looking after a swimming pool can be exceptionally time-consuming, not to mention frustrating trying to get the balance of the water right. If you’re over your head and can’t seem to get on top of swimming pool care, hiring your very own pool guy is more affordable than you would think. It’s an easy choice! Contact Hi-Tech Pools & Spas today.


Correct water balance prevents algae and provides a safe environment for your family to enjoy. Testing your pool water and adding the correct chemicals can almost be like a science. Bring in a water sample from your swimming pool or spa and let us analysis it, or organise a visit from our pool guy. We’ll help determine exactly what you need for clean and clear water.


Got a question? Our friendly team are happy to provide you with advice over the phone, whether you need pricing on spa chemicals or advice on cloudy pool water, we’re happy to help. Alternatively you can browse our most FAQs.


Are you a new pool owner? Talk to us first. We’ll walk you through everything you need to know about being a new pool owner, from meeting local council bylaws to the type of pool maintenance you’ll need to carry out on a regular basis depending on your pool type.


We find those leaks and repair them, most of the time without needing to drain your pool or spa. Once we determine where the leak is, we’ll provide you with a competitive quote and if you’re happy to proceed we can usually make the repair during our initial visit. Major repairs may take a day or longer. Contact us today, if you suspect your pool is losing water.


You’ll be amazed at the magic we can work with your pool and spa. We have solutions for every pool scenario. We offer weekly, fortnightly or monthly visits and will make sure your pool or spa is ready for use when you want it. Equipment repairs, water testing and balancing—we do it all, even if you’re on holiday.


If you’re looking for water heaters, ioniser units, lighting, chlorinators, filter cartridges and much more, we have everything you need. We can even install it for you. Visit our store to explore our diverse range.