4 Things All Spa Owners Should Be Doing

Maintenance and TLC are key to keeping your spa or hot tub pristine and comfortable all year round. It’s vital for beginner and experienced spa owners alike to look after their spa water – but what does that really involve? 

If you’re wondering what steps you need to take to keep your spa clean and inviting, read on for our handy tips.

Pipe Flush Your Spa

Pipe flushing your spa helps to remove bacteria found within the plumbing lines. Spas are tested for leaks before they are sold, and it’s impossible to remove all the water used in testing procedures. 

Bacteria may start to grow in the plumbing, and over time it can make its way into the water itself.

You’ll be glad to know that pipe flushing your spa isn’t that difficult. 

All that’s needed is:

  1. Removing your filter and adding the flush product to the dirty water to be drained
  2. Closing the air lines and running all jets for at least 15 minutes, up to one hour
  3. Draining the dirty water
  4. Rinsing out and wiping down your spa, then refilling with fresh water

It’s important you do this every time you drain your old water. If you’ve never done a pipe flush, or if you purchased your spa second-hand, it’s recommended to do at least two pipe flushes before you fill and use your spa.

Clean The Filters

Dirty filters are, by far, the most common factor in an underperforming spa, and often lead to foamy water – which is a very common complaint among spa owners. Sweat, oil, hairspray, makeup and other contaminants all find their way to your spa’s filter, and can quickly lead to problems. 

Weekly filter changes – or even more often if you love using your spa, or have many people using it – are vital. We recommend having multiple filters on hand to ensure changing your filter is easy.

Cleaning your filter is pretty straightforward. All it involves is:

  1. Removing your filter from the spa and soaking it in a degreaser and hot water. We can suggest the perfect product for your needs.
  2. Rinsing the filter thoroughly, paying attention to each pleat.

Drain And Refill

Draining and refilling your spa is important to keep your water clean, clear and comfortable. 

While draining and refilling your spa should be done every three months as a minimum, it’s good to do it more often if you don’t do much in the way of chemical maintenance of your water, if you use your spa a lot, and if many people use it. 

Determine the total dissolved solids (TDS) water measurement of your spa, which will tell you when to drain and refill. Our team can give you the assistance you need to complete this important step.

Cover Your Spa Between Uses

Keeping your spa covered between uses won’t just keep it looking its best. It also helps to:

  • Keep the water warm – so you won’t need to rely so much on electricity
  • Prevent dust and debris from entering the water
  • Prevent evaporation from the sun, which will just lead to another drain and refill

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