6 Things That May Damage Your Pool

Safety and maintenance around your backyard pool are essential at all times.

It’s important to recognise that accidents and mistakes can happen, and fun ideas like coloured water for a party may well do damage to your pool and spa and may affect your family or friends that swim in them.

Here at Hi-Tech Pools and Spa, we’re experienced at detecting problems before they begin.

Here is a list of 6 things that may cause damage to your pool.

Dying The Water Is Not A Good Idea

Adding dye to the water can put a strain on your filtration system, and may require an additional filter clean after the dye has been removed.

The dye can also stain the pool surfaces, particularly concrete. The safest way to colour the water is with underground pool lights such as multicoloured LEDs.

Making Your Pool Chemical Free Is Not Recommended

It may seem like a good, healthy idea to eliminate the use of chemicals in your pool but the opposite is the case.

Without chlorine, algae and bacteria thrive in stagnant pools of untreated water, particularly through the hot Northern Territory summers, posing health risks to your family and friends.

Don’t Heat Your Pool To 90 Degrees Or More

Many people enjoy swimming in heated pools and some pool owners find that 80 degrees make it pleasant enough to jump in during the colder months while keeping the heating bill within their reach.

However, heating to 90 degrees or greater, for the added luxury of hot tub-type effect, is incredibly expensive and out-of-reach for most of us.

The best approach is to use an automatic pool cover to help retain heat or install a spa.

Thinking About Having A Foam Or Bubble Party?

It might seem like a good idea for a children’s party. However, adding soap and bubble bath foam to your pool water, may cause a slippery surface, plus will create an imbalance with your pool chemicals and can ruin your filtration elements.

This then requires a complete draining of the pool, thorough cleaning, and at worst, possible replacement of the filtration system to clear it of soapy water, causing extra expense.

Do Not Walk On Your Pool Tarp Cover

This is highly dangerous and should never be attempted.

These covers cannot support the weight of an adult or even a small child. When walked on, a cover’s metal fasteners can snap, or if sand or water bags have been used the tarp can easily slip from their hold, sinking, entangling a person, and pulling them under.

If it’s a metal fastener that’s snapped from its mounting, the flying debris can hit a person causing serious harm.

Considering Hanging String Lights Across The Pool & Spa?

Never hang string lights or anything electrical over your pool as this is a major violation of safety.

If the structure is hit or breaks for any reason and falls into the water, a swimmer will be electrified. Under no circumstances should there be any electrical wires across a pool area, whether they are for lights, telephone, or cable. For birthdays and festive events, buntings and banners are the best options.

Your pool is a wonderful investment that your family should be able to enjoy safely for many years to come.

Just like your health, home, or car, your pool can benefit from the services of experienced professionals.

For maintenance, repairs, advice, and new pool tech updates, you are in the right place.

Get in touch or contact our knowledgeable team at Hi-Tech Pools and Spa on (08) 8932 1651.

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