Getting Pool Ready For Christmas

When it comes to enjoying the holiday period, there are few better ways than by making the most of your pool.

Whether you’re a swimmer, a diver, or a glass of wine on an inflatable lilo-er type, it’s important to make sure that your pool is as ready for Christmas as you are.

Give Your Pool the Holiday Clean it Deserves

We know that time can get away from you and before you know it, you want to take a relaxing dip in your pool but it’s not looking all that clean and welcoming.

Not to fear! Earmark some time before Christmas to clean up your pool. Remember to remove all debris from the surface of the pool runner and the water itself then scrub the sides with a stiff-bristled brush.

Once all of that debris has fallen to the bottom of the pool, get the vacuum out and clear out the water and guck at the bottom.

Bring out the Christmas Lights for Your Pool!

Did you know that you can get waterproof Christmas lights?

Well, you can! And where better to put them than decorating the edges of your pool or hanging behind a waterfall or even hanging over the water.

Go the extra mile and get some floating tea lights to set out in the water for a delightfully cosy ambience.

Book a Professional Pool Service

The best way to make sure your pool is ready for the holidays (and any family or friends you have coming over!) is to book a professional service.

Your hired pool technician will carry out a deep clean and include a water test, chemical check, and inspection of your equipment.

To find a professional pool service today, get in touch with us at Hi-Tech Pools and Spas.

Get Creative with Christmas Decorations Around and In Your Pool

There are plenty of ways to use affordable Christmas decorations for your pool. Waterproof and sustainable tinsel is easy to wrap around any ladder handles or pool railings.

You can sprinkle clumps of festive red and white Poinsettias over your water. You could even drape Christmas bunting overhead above the water.

For all of your pool needs this holiday season, Hi-Tech Pools and Spas are here to get you and your pool ready for Christmas.

Get in touch or call us today 08 8932 1651 or browse our services here and relax into the holiday period.

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