How To Create The Ultimate Pool & Spa Oasis

With summer well on its way, many of us are going to be spending our days out in our backyards enjoying everything that Australia has to offer.

With months of hot and sultry weather ahead of us and some well-deserved time off over the holidays, it’s no surprise that making the most of our pool areas is going to be at the top of everyone’s lists.

If your pool area is currently not looking its best, we can help you get it ready for the hotter weather.

Take a look here at how to create the ultimate pool and spa oasis.

Choose the Right Furniture

When it comes to your pool and spa areas, choosing the right furniture to kick back and relax in is going to have a huge impact on the feel of your area.

Pool loungers are going to create a lush resort-like vibe while a trendy table and chairs setting will create a great area to have brunch and meals.

Whatever vibe you’re aiming for, always make sure to invest in a good awning, umbrella or a shade parasol to provide you with protection from the harsh afternoon sun.

Pick An Aesthetic

Choosing an aesthetic or a theme is the perfect way to create the paradise that you envision in your imagination.

Whether you want to create a lush tropical paradise or serene Grecian pool parties are more your style, having a pin aesthetic to work to will make styling your pool area that much easier.

With an aesthetic in mind, you will be able to curate your pool area to your heart’s content.

Customise Your Area

Adding in a personal touch to your pool and spa area is a great way to help create an oasis that is designed just for you.

These little personal touches can include installing pool lighting or creating a back wall that features bright colours or artwork next to your pool.

You can even consider installing a small waterfall to your pool, adding bubblers or even creating a fire pit to enjoy toasted marshmallows on hot nights.

There are many small things you can do to make your pool area into an exotic oasis you’ll never want to leave.

The Greener the Better

One of the easiest ways to turn your backyard pool area into a lush oasis is to add in lots of green and vibrant plants.

You can choose to plant some beautiful flowering trees to provide some much-needed shade around the pool or spa or consider adding pot plants with lush flowers in them if you don’t have enough room for trees.

Having plenty of green plants and trees has been shown to help reduce stress, anxiety and depression. So, take care of your mental health and create a beautiful calming oasis all in one go.

If you want to go the full nine yards, you can invest in a good landscaper to pull the entire space together and create a backyard that is the envy of the entire neighbourhood.

Get in Touch Today

If you need a hand designing your perfect pool and spa oasis, we can help.

With years of experience creating outdoor pool areas, you can trust your local experts to help you create the perfect outdoor area.

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