How To Maintain Your Pool After Heavy Rainfall

If you’ve just experienced a heavy downfall of rain, it’s important to appropriately maintain your pool by following some critical steps to prevent permanent or long-term costly damage.

This is essential to allow your pool to return to a safe, optimal condition following periods of heavy rainfall and prevent any future issues.

Close Up Image Of Pool Filter

Prevent Overflow

You need to ensure your filters are working to properly drain any excess water and maintain correct water levels. This can be done in different ways depending on which filters you have.

If you have a cartridge filter, fit a pool hose to the 3-way valve and leave it in your stormwater drain. Then turn the valve’s handle to divert the water through the hose. You can then switch the pool pump on again and adjust the water to the right level.

If you own a sand filter, turn your multi-port valve to the waste setting. You can then turn the pool pump back on which will bring the water down to the right level and have the water re-circulate correctly again.

Man In Blue Shirt Cleaning The Swimming Pool

Cleaning And Maintenance

After heavy rainfall, your pool water may have been exposed to contaminants. It’s important to clean out any unwanted debris that may have fallen in your pool to avoid an unclean pool and prevent any damage from occurring to your systems.

That’s why we recommend purchasing a suction pool cleaner. This will vacuum the floor of your pool sucking up any debris or insects and is fuelled by your filtration system, making it very cost-effective.

It may also be worth looking into a professional pool maintenance service such as the one available at Hitech Pools in Yarrawonga NT.  A regular cleaning and maintenance program will help correct any issues in addition to preventing future complications.

Roller Pool Cover On Green Grass

Invest In A Pool Cover-up

To protect your pool in the future from any heavy rainfall, it would be useful to have a pool cover-up.

Pool and spa covers prevent evaporation, deter debris and reduce chemical consumption, making them a great way to maintain your pool after heavy rainfall to correct any issues caused and prevent them from happening again.

Tools And Equipment For Pool Repair And Maintenance

Combat Leaks

Leaks are dangerous to any pool especially if water is gathering underneath. Water underneath your pool can cause problems such as ‘floating’ hydrostatic valves occurring and would need to be pumped out.

To prevent this you need to keep a lookout for leaks, especially after heavy rainfall. That’s why we recommend hiring a professional team able to provide leak detection services.

This service includes a team finding leaks and repairing them mostly without draining the pool and is a great way to prevent unwanted build-up.

Chemical Products And Tools For Pool Maintenance

Re-balance The Pool Water

Heavy rainfall can disrupt the balance of your pool such as the water and chemicals which can make it unfit for swimming. This is why it’s important to re-balance your pool. You can bring a sample of your pool and spa water for us to analysis, this is a free service.

If you need more chlorine Hitech Pools has all the pool and spa chemicals you need available to keep your pool clean and sparkling.

They also have chemical dosing systems available to purchase to help make sure your pool is correctly balanced making it safe and suitable for swimming.

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