Time For Pool Equipment Maintenance 101

As a Darwin pool owner, you put a lot of energy into keeping your pool water pristine. But when did you last stop to think of your pool equipment?

After all, your pool water’s only as good as the equipment that keeps it looking great, and without proper maintenance, you’ll be working overtime to keep swimming.

You might think you need special training or expertise to keep your pool equipment reliable and efficient – with these simple tricks, you’ll become a pool maintenance pro in no time.

Swimming Pool Water Pump On Grey Background

Pool Pump

Proper Cleaning

Your pool’s health thrives on a functioning pool pump. If it’s not running properly, your pool water will quickly become cloudy.

Check and clean out your pump’s strainer basket at least weekly, as obstructions or debris can put undue strain on the motor.

Be gentle with the basket, though – as any damage to the basket or even to the pump lid requires a replacement.

Lubricate your pump lid’s O-ring or gasket with a pool lube for a quality seal.

Water Pump Machine

Sounds And Sights

If you detect any unusual noises, there may be an issue within the pump you could need a professional to investigate.

Also, be on the lookout for any signs of leaks. If there are air pockets under the pump lid, there might be a leak on the suction side.

Water Pump Beside The Pool

Pump Surroundings

Keep your pump’s surrounding area clean, tidy, and unobstructed by dust and dirt.

Swimming Pool Filtration System
White Robotic Pool Cleaner

Automatic Pool Cleaner

Your pool cleaner puts in the hard yards so you don’t need to worry about cleaning the water, but when it’s not maintained properly it could cause more harm than good.

Check Parts

If your cleaner has a lot of moving parts, it can be more vulnerable to breakdowns. Keep tabs on its functions, and replace any problematic parts as soon as you notice issues.

Parts made of plastic or rubber tend to wear more quickly – especially wheels, feet, tracks, brushes, wings, scrubbers or sweep tails.


If your cleaner has a debris bag or filter basket, clean this out every day.

If you have a suction side or a pressure side cleaner, maintain proper filter pressure and clean your filter or backwash when needed.

Automatic Robot Pool Cleaner

Protect Your Cleaner

Don’t keep your cleaner in the pool. Even though it’s meant to be in the water, you shouldn’t leave it there all the time as it can wear out more quickly.

Yellow and blue robot cleaner
Pool Water Pump

Pool Filter

Your pool filter won’t need a lot of maintenance, but it’s still important to stay on top of cleaning and care.

Check Pressure

Keep an eye on the pressure gauge on your filter. If your pressure’s 8-10 psi higher than your starting pressure, a clean or backwash might be needed.

If your pressure gauge is stuck or displays an inaccurate reading, it’s time for a replacement. When gauge should read “0” when your pump is turned off – so if there’s a wrong reading, replace it.

Water Pool Tank Filter

Chemical Cleaning

A chemical cleaner can help remove buildup from your filter, which can help it last longer.

Water Filtering System


You may need to replace your filter media, gaskets and O-rings over time. You can make sure your gaskets and O-rings last as long as possible with proper lubrication.

Pool Filter Equipment
Close Up Image Of Pool Pump

Heater And Heat Pump

A heated pool offers extra weeks of swimming fun at the start and end of the pool season, but maintaining your pool heater and pump is key to keep it working at its best.

Surrounding Area

The area around your pump or heater should be kept free of debris and plants.

Additionally, make sure you clean the pump or heater itself, removing any debris or leaves that have fallen on top or are covering a vent.

Valve On The Swimming Pool Pipeline

Clean Your Heater

Regularly clean out your heater cabinet. In cooler weather, this space proves a cosy nook for rodents to make their nests.

They also love to chew on heater wiring – which can stop your heater from working altogether. At the same time, inspect your pilot and burners, cleaning them and making sure they’re working properly.

Clean the fins of your heat pump by removing the panels and spraying down the coils with water, being careful not to cause damage.

Pool Service Using Pool Vacuum
Service And Maintenance Of The Pool

Saltwater Chlorine Generator

Due to salt water’s composition and the function of chlorine generator cells, maintaining this piece of equipment is key.

Clean Your Salt Cell

Clean your salt cell at least two or three times a year to make sure it keeps producing chlorine effectively.

Worker Cleaning The Swimming Pool

Check Seals

Make sure the unions on your generator are properly sealed to prevent leaks. If you notice a leak, replace the union nut or O-ring or consider a replacement.

The Cleaning Pump Works With The Pool

Monitor Chlorine Production And Salt Levels

Most salt cells last from three to seven years, depending on your water chemistry, run time, product quality, and level of maintenance.

If you notice decreased production, it’s time for a replacement. At the same time, check your water’s salt levels. Your chlorine generator will work harder if there’s not enough salt.

Worker Cleaning The Swimming Pool Using Net
Swimming Pool Cover

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