Why Does My Pool Turn Green?

For a first-time pool owner, or anyone maintaining a new pool, when your pool goes green it can be a shock.

But don’t worry, green water doesn’t mean you’ve done anything wrong. In most cases, that sudden green colouring is caused by rainfall – but not in the way you might think.

We’ve got you covered here at Hi-Tech Pools & Spas at our pool services shop in Darwin. Read on to find out all about how rainfall can lead to the green shade in your once beautifully blue pool:

Understanding why your pool turns green

To understand why your pool turns green, it’s important first to understand what leads to the green colour in the first place. While rain is the catalyst for a green pool, it’s not the rain itself that is causing that vibrant shade to overtake your pool water. Instead, algae is the cause of that unique colouring – and rainwater helps it to happen.

For most pools, a delicate balance of chemicals and pH levels is required to maintain that hygienic, clear effect. Much like water dilutes fruit juice, rainwater dilutes the chemicals in your pool. That dilution is what allows algae to leap in and start accumulating, transforming your beautiful clean pool into a green mess.

What is pool algae?

Pool algae are the same as any other types of algae you see in pools or lakes. While it may look pretty in a natural environment, pool algae can be harmful to your health, and you should never swim in a green pool. Skin irritation, eye and ear infections and stomach problems can all result from swimming in a green pool.

You may think that pool algae is caused by owners leaving their pool to get dirty and disused over time. But even the most stringent pool owner can have their pool turn green overnight. All it takes is one bout of heavy rain or a storm, and just about every pool in your neighbourhood could end up a less-appealing shade of green.

What can I do about a green pool?

If your pool has turned green, the first step is getting your pool back to a more balanced pH. Using a professional pool service, like Hi-Tech Pools, is the perfect way to restore your pool to perfect, useable condition. Utilising an expert to balance those chemicals is the best move, especially in larger pools.

We’d always recommend using an expert service if your pool has gone green. With the specific chemicals needed and specificity of balancing a pool, it’s always better to put it in professional hands. The average pool owner can go too far the other way, leaving your pool unusable for completely different reasons.

As for keeping algae at bay, keeping your pool clean and investing in a cover is the way to go. At Hi-Tech Pools, we can work with you to find a solution to keep the dreaded green at bay.

Get in touch with our team today to find out more.

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