Why You Need To Take Pool Leakage Seriously?

The sun’s out, you’re lounging in the pool, and the kids are quietly playing in the shade… that is until your pool starts to flood.

As much as we hate to admit it, there are certain responsibilities that come with owning a pool. Without proper maintenance, you could experience everything from a malfunctioning water pump to all-out leakages.

If a pool leakage goes undetected, it could have dire ramifications for your landscape and finances.

That’s why Hi-Tech Pools & Spas recommend that you regularly check your pool’s water levels and chemical balance.

Here are three reasons why you should take pool leaks seriously and how to avoid them.

Costly Repairs

If not caught early, pool leakages can lead to costly repairs that could have been avoided altogether.

Let’s say that your pool is leaking due to a malfunctioning skimmer. If this problem is not rectified quickly, this puts strain on other components to perform above their operational capacity.

As a result, these parts can go into overload and potentially cause a complete system failure. Before you can say otherwise, you’re now paying for a new pool and damage costs.

We understand that it can be hard to detect general wear and tear, especially when it only involves one component of your pool. However, routine inspections and water level tracking will ensure that you don’t miss a beat when it comes to your pool’s functionality.

High Utility Bills

Many people don’t recognise they have a pool leak until it’s too late. By this, we mean they’ve received their latest utility bill and it is sky high. Even if a pool leak doesn’t cause excess damage, it will lead to an increase in your home’s water consumption.

Granted, the increase may start small to the point that you barely notice the change. However, as the impact of the leak worsens, you could lose up to thousands of gallons of water by the end of the summer season. That’s when you will notice the increase.

Save money on utility bills and instead channel it into leak-proofing your pool.

A Floating Pool

The concept of a floating pool sounds great, doesn’t it? However, we can assure you that it’s everything but.

A floating pool occurs when leakages cause an excess in groundwater pressure due to water surrounding the foundation. To alleviate this pressure, the pool is pushed out of the ground.

This has significant consequences for your home. As well as making it unsafe, it could also cause extreme damage to your landscape. Therefore, you should always do what you can to prevent leaks, especially if your pool is on a concrete foundation.

How Can I Avoid a Leaking Pool?

There are many ways that you can engage in preventative maintenance for your swimming pool.

These include:

Chemical Testing

You should check the chemicals in your pool two to three times a week, especially in summer.

A pool water test kit can be purchased online and typically involves taking a water sample from your pool and mixing it with a solution.

Bucket Test

Fill a large bucket with water and place it on the steps of your pool. Mark the level of the water inside and outside the bucket.

Leave for 24 hours and then compare the water levels. If the outside water level has dropped in comparison to the bucket level, you have a leak.

Hire A Professional

Hi-Tech Pools & Spa are a professional pool company in Darwin that can perform routine inspections on your pool. We will check for holes in your pool liner or cracks in the surrounding cement or fibreglass, as well as different pool components.

Call us on 08 8932 1651 or email admin@jimspoolcarecairns.com.au for more information.

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